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Critiquing the Virtual HR Conference

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Critiquing the Virtual HR Conference

The HR world got its first taste of an online virtual conference and trade show with the debut in mid-December of HR.com's VIEW. How good was it? As with all attempts to replicate human interactions online, the answer is, kinda, sorta, maybe soon.

By Bill Kutik


Debbie McGrath, founder of HR.com, is more entrepreneurial and risk-taking than any other businessperson I know in our world: entirely appropriate for a rare dot-bomb survivor.

She never dips her toe into the water of something new when she can dive head-first (anybody notice the rocks down there?!?) with utter abandon and complete enthusiasm, even when facing the prospect of losing money -- at first.

Debbie's latest venture, VIEW, an HR virtual online conference and trade show, debuted on Dec. 12 and 13. It was hardly the world's first: Computer publisher Ziff Davis has been producing them for at least two years now, using the same software (inXpo) as Debbie.

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