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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
IHRIM Press June Book Sale 
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Remote Control,
Out of Site,
& HR Funny Side Up.
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IHRIM Press Publications are an integral part of the HRMS learning resources.  Each book's topic is focused to provide you with the knowledge you need in the rapidly changing world of HR information technology. 
Check out our June Specials below.
Boundaryless HR: Human Capital Management in the Global Economy
The benefits of globalization are so well known that most businesses would take full advantage of them immediately - if only it were easier to do. While technology has eliminated a number of barriers to globalization, many significant barriers remain, notably those involving people and the organizations we build around them. The purpose of this book is to provide some insight to HR professionals on how to overcome the internal and external barriers to globalization.
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Remote Control: A Practitioner's Guide to Managing Virtual Teams
Remote Control
This book is a "how to" for people who need to work in virtual teams and want to maximize their effectiveness. While this book is appropriate for people in global businesses, it is equally applicable to individuals that need to work together virtually with others for any reason - even if only across town. The world today demands a more complex and integrated model of work that entails people working together, simultaneously remote, matrixed, and sometimes global.
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Out of Site: An Inside Look at HR Outsourcing
Out of Site
Its goal is to provide a comprehensive, inside view of HR outsourcing - from defining a strategic vision, developing a business plan, and redesigning the organization, to deploying new business processes, transitioning to a new delivery model, and managing people and change. It also provides an overview of regional outsourcing trends, with chapters on Europe, Latin America, and Asia/Pacific.
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HR: Funny Side Up
hr funny
HR: Funny Side Up takes a humorous look at HR and HRIS from the perspective of Elliott Witkin, author of "The Back Page" column in the magazine, and sometimes referred to as the "Dave Barry of the HR world." This book is a laugh-filled trip through time, and illustrates how technology in general and the human resource management systems profession in particular, has changed since the "HRMS Stone Age" of the early 1990s. This is a funny book - a great way to take the stress out of your day.
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Common Cause: Shared Services for Human Resources
common cause
This book was conceived with the goal of becoming the definitive resource on shared services for Human Resources. This book is divided into 14 fairly autonomous sections - all critical components in an effective shared services deployment. The chapters can be read sequentially by the neophyte seeking a comprehensive understanding of shared services in the HR environment or individually by the experienced professional looking to improve the company's existing operations. 
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e-Work Architect: How HR Leads the Way Using the Internet

Try phrases like: dramatic savings, clearance, overstocked, Packed with an exciting set of essays, this IHRIM book describes how HR is not only using the Internet, but in many ways is leading the way in business today. HR is throwing out the binders and moving volumes of information to Internet/intranet sites, enabling employee and manager self-service applications to improve organizational effectiveness. Share this information with senior-level decision makers and strategic planners - they will thank you for it.
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e-Learning: Expanding the Training Classroom through Technology
A collection of articles by the pioneers of e-learning, this book provides diverse opinions and definitions, all of which are correct. Whether you are just beginning to explore e-learning or have worked in the field for a while, you will find material that will add to your knowledge base. Even if you are an e-learning expert, this book contains information that will cause one or two "ah-ha's." 
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The Foundation Series Go-to-Guide:
Creating the HR Technology Infrastructure, Understanding HRMS Functional Requirements, Building a Needs Assessment, Selecting a Solution (RFP/RFI), Managing the Implementation, Life After Implementation, Creating ROI Total Cost of Ownership, Marketing and Selling HRMS, Price includes printed and CD versions.
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The Advanced Series Go-to-Guide:
Developing Specifications and Documents, Creating a Test Plan/Auditing Data Integrity, Selecting and Managing Consultants, Dealing with Integration Issues, Outsourcing: Anything and Everything?, Data Privacy and Human Resource Management, Understanding and Applying Analytics Globalizing Your Human Resource System, Price includes printed and CD versions.
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The e-Merging Technologies Series Go-to-Guide:
e-Recruiting, e-Learning, e-Benefits, e- Compensation, Portal Initiatives - Key Strategies and Approaches, Role-Based Self-Service, HR Contact Centers, LDAP Directories and Security Issues, Price includes printed and CD versions.
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Sale ends June 30th, 2007.

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