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HRMS Discussions


HRIS-L was developed by Al Doran, of Phenix Management Int'l, Inc. (originally with York University in Toronto) to promote dialogue amongst HRMS professionals and to assist colleagues working with the management of human resource information.  Mr. Doran developed this list originally in 1989 when it was hosted at the University of Alberta. It later moved to York University and in April 1997 it moved to @trends.ca

What Is HRIS-L?
HRIS-L is the electronic bulletin board and communication list server for those interested in research and the practice of HR information systems. You can send and  exchange questions, answers, pearls of wisdom, frustrations, and  ideas with all HRIS-L members who have access to the INTERNET. HRIS-L had over 700 worldwide members in January, 2000 when this message was written.

Topics can include almost anything, including research ideas, best practices, case studies, experiences, teaching methods, and requests about member activity in particular topic areas, etc.  Reference may be made to applicable published articles and journals, pointing to their particular web site address. Notices of educational and professional events of interest to the group may be posted providing they are in good taste and brief.

Job postings are only welcome if they are related to the HRMS profession and kept brief, preferably pointing to a web site with the detailed information. Repeated postings by search firms will not be welcome.

Joining The List
HRIS-L@hr.trends.ca is the address after you subscribe.
To subscribe send an email to hris-l-on@hr.trends.ca.
To subscribe, send any message to: <hris-l-on@hr.trends.ca>

Other Options
To switch to the FEED mode, send any message to <hris-l-feed@hr.trends.ca>
To switch to the DIGEST mode, send any message to <hris-l-digest@hr.trends.ca>
To switch to the INDEX mode, send any message to <hris-l-index@hr.trends.ca>
Send administrative queries to <hris-l-request@hr.trends.ca>.

Discussion Name: HRIS-L
Topic: HRIS, HRMS, HRIM, internet/intranet for human resource systems, payroll, and use of information technology in human resources. Hosted by @trends.ca  http://www.trends.ca

List Archives:

Al Doran <aldoran@hr.trends.ca>

Leaving The List
To unsubscribe, send any message to: <hris-l-off@hr.trends.ca>


Guidelines For Using The List
Please Note: HRIS-L is currently an un-moderated discussion group however failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the suspension of posting privileges to the list.

Reply With Caution:
Always check the "To:" line after you use the reply feature of your e-mail program and ensure the message is destined for the correct address (either the list or an individual). A hasty reply can mean embarrassment to both the sender and the recipient - it has happened in the past, and it could happen again - do not let it happen to you.

HRIS-L is a DISCUSSION list, not a "CHAT" line:
Please refrain from replying to other postings with short personal comments that would best be sent directly to the person who did the original post.  Please do send your comments to the whole list where you feel that more than one person will be interested in your comments.

Postings and Relevant Comments:
Keep your questions and comments relevant to the focus of the discussion group. If another person posts a comment or question that is off the subject, do NOT reply to the list and keep the off- subject conversation going publicly.

When someone posts an off-subject note, and someone else criticizes that posting, you should NOT submit a gratuitous note saying "well, I liked it and lots of people probably did as well and you guys ought to lighten up and not tell us to stick to the subject".

If you can respond to someone else's question, do so through private e-mail, not HRIS-L.  Twenty people answering the same question on a large list can fill your mailbox (and those of everyone else on the list) quickly.

When quoting another person, edit out whatever isn't directly applicable to your reply. Don't let your e-mail software automatically quote the entire body of messages you are replying to when it's not necessary. Take the time to edit any quotations down to the minimum necessary to provide context for your reply. Nobody likes reading a long message in quotes for the third or fourth time, only to be followed by a one line response: "Yeah, me too."

Use discretion when forwarding a long mail message to HRIS-L. It's preferable to reference the source of a document and provide instructions on how to obtain a copy.  If posting a meeting announcement, keep it short and point to a web site that contains more detail.  Use the full URL with the (e.g.)  http://www.pmihrm.com/  so that readers with some kinds of e-mail readers may be able to go directly to that site.  If you must post a long message, warn the readers with a statement at the top of the mail message.


If you crosspost messages to multiple groups, include the name of the groups at the top of the mail message and post to only one list at a time.

Resist the temptation to "flame" others on the list. Remember that these discussions are "public" and meant for constructive exchanges. Treat the others on the list as you would want them to treat you.

When posting a question to the discussion group, request that responses be directed to you  personally; give your e-mail address in the body of your note, not all e-mail systems will display your full internet address. Post a summary or answer to your question to the group.

When replying to a message posted to a discussion group, check the address to be certain it's going to the intended location (person or group). It can be very embarrassing if they reply incorrectly and post a personal message to the entire discussion group that was intended for an individual.

Other people on the list are not interested in your desire to be added or deleted. Any  requests regarding administrative tasks such as being added or removed from HRIS-L should be made to the appropriate area, not the LIST itself. Mail for these types of requests should be sent to the following respectively:

Listowner  aldoran@hr.trends.ca (This is NOT Al’s Regular email address).

Sign your posts.  Use a signature block.  You would not send a business letter without the proper identification, don't post to HRIS-L without a clear indication of who you are.  If you expect useful feedback on a hot topic from the other subscribers of the LIST, they are more likely to reply if they know who they are talking to.

Your signature footer should include your name, position, affiliation and Internet addresses. Optional information could include your address, phone, and fax numbers.  If you have a corporate or personal web site, include the full URL with the http://

When you post any message, please include a descriptive header, or topic in the Subject area, such as "HRMS for Small Company" or "Call for Presentations" or "HRMS Salary Rates", or "Best Practice using Intranet", or "Upcoming Conference, IHRIM, Toronto".  If a subscriber forgets to include a topic in the Subject area, do not compound the problem on your reply, include a topic in your reply post to the List.

NEVER send an attachment to HRIS-L. Not everyone has the tools to open attachments. Not everyone has compatible software (e.g. Word, WordPerfect, Lotus, Excel, etc.) so will not be able to read the attachment even if they can download it. Attachments may contain a virus and subscribers to the list do not want it. If you have a document you wish to share with the subscribers of HRIS-L, post a description of its contents to the list, describe the format it is in, and let the interested subscribers come to you with a request for the document. You can then send those people an individual copy (at their risk).

HRIS-L is International:
Keep in mind that some discussion groups have members from many different countries. 

Who Is On HRIS-L?
HRIS-L is open to everyone, but it exists as a service to HRMS professionals and those dealing with human resource management information.

Our Non-Commercial Policy
Commercial announcements are generally not appropriate for this list.  HRIS-L is intended to facilitate discussion about HR issues among subscribers worldwide. Thus, it is very important that HRIS-L be free from commercial announcements. Admittedly, this is a fine line.  It is quite appropriate for people who offer services or products to engage in HRIS-L discussions, and from time to time the products are mentioned when they are relevant to a particular discussion.

However, the objective is to focus on the discussions and issues, rather than the products.  Repeated violations of this policy require removal from the list.

The success of HRIS-L depends on you.  Please try to answer questions and offer your views on topics where you have expertise and interest. All of your colleagues look forward to hearing from you on HRIS-L.

Al Doran, CHRP
Phenix Management Int'l, Inc.
phone: 416-505-6204  eFax:   416-352-7456

Al Doran is a co-author of the 2000 book, "Human Resources Management Systems: A Practical Approach" published by Carswell, ISBN 0-459-56370-X

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